Organicocean récolte d'algues

Marine Biotechnology in Québec: Science and Innovation Highlights


Plant Nutrition Ingredients

OrganicOcean is specialized in the development and manufacture of innovative and sustainable technologies for plant nutrition. Founded in 2009, the company integrates the sustainable harvest of fresh seaweed with proprietary transformation and formulation processes. OrganicOcean is developing green technologies that improve the sustainability of global agriculture. Currently, OrganicOcean is marketing a line of several products for agriculture, horticulture and turf industries through exclusive distribution networks mainly in Canada, U.S., South America and Asia. Its production facilities are in Trois-Pistoles in the maritime region of the lower St-Lawrence River. This strategic location ensures access to optimal volume of fresh cold water brown seaweeds Ascophyllum nodosumSaccharina longicruris and Fucus vesiculosus.

In recent years, OrganicOcean has developed several biostimulant extracts along with exclusive foliar and granular controlled-release technologies that promote product efficiency to improve crops productivity and quality. Seaweed-based products maximize plants' productivity through the up-regulation of cell metabolism and by increasing resistance to abiotic stress. As a complement to seaweed extracts, OrganicOcean is also manufacturing other categories of biostimulant products, such as humic acids, amino acids and chitosan-based products.

Source: Industrial BiotechnologyVol. 15, No. 3