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About us


OrganicOcean inc. is specialized in the development and manufacturing of innovative marine products for plant nutrition. We integrate the sustainable harvest of fresh seaweed with proprietary transformation and formulation processes to guarantee the quality and performance of our products. We are developing green and environmentally friendly technologies to improve the sustainability of global agriculture.

OrganicOcean‘s products have been developed for agriculture, horticulture, turf and animal nutrition industries. OrganicOcean is providing efficient products supported by science and agronomical data. Our products are sold throughout Canada and internationally through exclusive independent distribution networks. OrganicOcean is committed to provide innovative and efficient products for plant nutrition to agriculture and horticulture distributors worldwide.

OrganicOcean is located around the city of Rimouski in the maritime region of the lower St-Lawrence River in the Province of Quebec, Canada. This strategic location ensures access to optimal volume of controlled fresh raw materials. All our products are manufactured following standard operating procedures insuring quality, reproducibility and efficiency. OrganicOcean has over 15 years of know-how in the development of extraction process of marine bioactive compounds.

OrganicOcean is a member of the following organizations :

• Créneau d’Excellence ACCORD Ressource, Sciences et Technologies (Filière Biotechnologies Marines).
• Technopole Maritime du Québec.
• Chaire de recherche industrielle dans les collèges du CRSNG en valorisation des macroalgues marines.